Trophies by Tassou

Rome (Italy) – Trophy presentation

The Italian Society of Intelligence SOCINT is a scientific association whose aim is to promote the culture and study of intelligence in Italy. In partnership with G‑Research, a leading international company in quantitative and technological research, a prize worth 30,000 euros will reward the three best Italian doctoral theses in mathematics, physics, computer engineering, artificial intelligence and data science. This ceremony in the Sala dei Caduti di Nassiry of the Senate of the Republic in Rome will take place on Thursday January 25, 2024. The cybertrash trophies created by Tassou will then be awarded to the winners. These objects are phytostructures. Imaginary plants. They measure 104 cm high with a diameter of 25 cm and a weight of 5 kg. It is an assembly of 56 drums, photoconductive organic rollers found in ink cartridges for laser printers. They are used to deposit the ink on the paper. They are made of aluminum covered with a photosensitive film whose color can vary from fluorescent green to Irish green to turquoise blue. To seal the end of the drums, a washer is cut from a computer keyboard membrane previously painted to match the color of the drums. It is a flexible printed polyester film which constitutes the circuit which connects all the keys. The base is made up of two elements. A microprocessor tester used for research in the Texas Instruments laboratories in Villeneuve Loubet until 1998 and a round wooden board veneered with a yellow motherboard from the tower of a Compaq desktop computer made in China in the 2000s. These trophies are very solid and do not fear sunlight since they are accustomed to the laser beam. Over time, the drums will gradually change color, becoming golden brown after around ten years of exposure to daylight. Furthermore, the carbon footprint of these objects is very low, the packaging boxes having also been recovered.



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