Press Extracts

The best extracts from Tassou’s press review

Artmajeur Magazine.  2021

“The artist works to show that there exists in this technological complexity a beauty which naturally finds its place in contemporary creation.”

Les Infos du Pays de Redon.  2019

“… His assemblages are amazing, …. Made of compressions and collages, his digital art is unique. He is the only one to compose in this way.
It was noticed by the stylist Karl Lagarfeld, who recently acquired a totem, used in commercials for China and Japan, and the famous couturier saw it as «an antiquity of the future».”

Ouest France. 2019

“He recovers components, electronics wastes. It sublimates them by erecting them as a work of art. His work tells about the digital revolution. For example, film cameras have been abandoned for the benefit of digital. Assembling them, he conceives a totem and the magic operates.”

Ouest France. 2018

“The sculptures and bas-reliefs of Rémy Tassou are the most beautiful of the performance, and interrogate on the memory, that of the data hidden in the silicon of the components and that of our time.”

L’Echo d’Ancenis. 2018

“Rémy Tassou has been working since 1990 on the digital revolution, and electronic components that are not noticed and whose color code corresponds to a function are beautiful when they are used as artistic elements.” and his totems make travel in time and space.”

La Nouvelle République. 2018

“Rémy Tassou’s surprising ‘cybertrash’ sculptures were born of his passion for electronic material … An endearing artist ‘child of his time’ who with his creative winks makes a memory work to save electronic gadgets.”

EspriIUT. 2014

“An original and unprecedented exhibition around electronics … Everything is exposed with a lot of charm and mastery …”

Ouest France. 2014

“Tassou has become a master in the art of giving a second wind to the waste of electrical and electronic equipment … He raises these obsolete objects to the status of works of art.”

Ouest France. 2013

“Rémy Tassou works with the WEEE to create remarkable works that go around the world.”

Presse Océan. 2013

“The works of the sculptor Rémy Tassou Nantes, a real work of memory, go around the world.”

Ouest-France. 2013

“If the recovery of waste is in the air time, long ago that Rémy Tassou implements it. With his compositions of components … the witness works of this international artist leave already their traces in many places of the world. “

Nantes Reportages. 2012

“Fashion, cinema, architecture, Tassou covers all the fields around the stars. From Luc Besson to Karl Lagerfeld and Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, the artist has managed to impose his unusual universe in the big leagues.”

Ouest France. 2012

“His sculptures are sold all over the world. Some will be in Philippe Lelouche’s next film, “Le Parcours” produced by Luc Besson.”

Presse Océan. 2012

“Rémy Tassou makes imposing and stunning totems of beauty and elegant and sophisticated wall sculptures. This futuristic sculptor realizes accumulations with a rigorous care and an aesthetic sense pushed and proven.”

Ouest France. 2012

“Far from being an epiphenomenon of the current technological upheaval, the Cybertrash testifies to the mutations engendered by this technology and is an incentive to look today at these curious objects that surround us like so many stealthy avatars that it is important to preserve ‘forgetfulness too fast.”

Ouest-France. 2012

“Deeply committed to the preservation of the environment and aware of his role as an artist in society, the sculptor defines himself as an incentive for selective sorting.”

Zegreenweb. 2011

“By revalorizing the image of WEEE (Tassou) arises as an incentive to selective sorting”.

Le Magazine de Saint-Herblain. 2011

“The accomplishment of this incontestable and unique work of art in the world doubles for the artist of a process of preservation of a collective memory.”

Le Post. 2011

“Tassou transforms our electrical and electronic equipment waste into real works of art.”

Ouest France. 2011

“Tassou, undisputed master of Cybertrash. If he is an artist particularly anchored in his time, it is him. Tassou is known around the world for his sculptures. An avant-garde sculptor, he invented a new practice that led him to create phenomenal sculptures.”

Recyclage. 2011

“These ‘antiquities of the future’, which are exhibited in various galleries in southern France, have also joined the collectors’ paintings including Karl Lagerfeld.”

Nice Matin. 2010

“In Tassou’s hands, electronic waste becomes the basis of sober and eloquent works of art that may one day be considered antiques and testimonials of our time.”

Nice Matin. 2009

“Well known on the French Riviera where he exhibits regularly, gradually noticed in the world of collectors …”

Ouest-France. 2009

“Tassou is like a kind of new realism of the rearguard.” 2009

“One day or another, this work of memory will have an appointment with humanity.”

Télérama. 2008

“He is the only one in the world to practice what he calls the Cybertrash … Original and creative.”

Nice Matin. 2008

“This esthetic philosopher examines the bowels of machines … While underlining the obsolescence of electronic components, Tassou gives them a new life by inscribing them in the collective memory.”

Sophia News. 2007

“Tassou is one of the immediately recognizable artists.”

Nice Matin. 2007

“Here he lays the foundation for a new order of things, he revisits the electronics and rewrites his story … Emotive and human.”

Nice Matin. 2005

“True memory of the high tech it shakes up the contemporary art.”

Ouest France. 2005

“A new voice rises in contemporary art.”

Nice Matin. 2004

“His astonishing works that translate a great rigor cross borders and technology to subjugate us by their intrinsic poetry.”

LMS News. 2003

“He has become, in a few years, the César of electronics, opening a new path in contemporary art.”

Nice Matin. 2003

“All his sculptures are endearing, have body and a futuristic beauty but so close to today’s world.”

The French Telecommunications Heritage. 2002

“Rémy Tassou is the inventor and sole representative of Cybertrash. This artistic trend is based on the use of electronic components for artistic purposes.”

Nice Matin. 2001

“Tassou cybertrash artist … Behind this enigmatic word hides a sensitive creator, a great man with magic hands …”

La Strada. 2001

“A true memory of the electronics that invade our daily life, the work of Tassou restores a purely aesthetic nobility to these neglected components. At the same time, he writes about the history of technology obsolete from the beginning.”

La Strada. 2000

“There is a recovery, humanist, waste of the new economy, a neo-new realism that, using the waste of a society, distracts them to give them a real meaning for the man.”

Intérets immobiliers. 2000

“The cybertrash is an art where the components replace the painting and dexterity of the artist’s brush.”

L’Evénement du jeudi. 1998

“We would almost be surprised that the only cybertrash artist on earth is a French because the made in France is almost non-existent.”

La Nouvelle revue du Son. 1998

“Who would have thought one day that technology and art could do so well.”

L’Humanité. 1998

“The works are a rigorous and methodical accumulation of electronic components, each of which constitutes an aesthetic and technical step, which calls for a consecutive and perpetual inventiveness.The originality of the research combined with a concern for architectural perfection and a sensual care given to the composition undoubtedly define the “Cybertrash”, an art that arouses curiosity and enthusiasm.”