“Dictionnaire des Arts Plastiques Modernes et Contemporains” – 2001

“Dictionnaire des Arts Plastiques Modernes et Contemporains”(1) – 2001

Jean-Pierre Delarge / Edition Gründ


Born in 1957 in France: 1992, begins a work of plastic artist. Collecting the electronic components, those of electricity, telephone, data processing also like 45 rpm discs, he adjusts them by choosing them for their shape and their color, in a rigorous architectural orthogonality, most often built in like the breakages of the printing press. The aesthetic that emerges from this abundant but disciplined imagination seems to date from the 1950s, at the time of the first pinball machines or the first jukeboxes.

Expo: 1997, 1999, Arnoux, Paris (P) (2)

(1)Translation: “Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Plastic Arts”
(2)Personal exhibition