FAQ. micellaneous questions.

(Answers provided Tassou)

What is your style ?

My style is called Cybertrash. I’m interested in the electronic era’s waste. My sculptures are made of components scavenged from, broken, obsolete or simply outdated machines. Cybertrash seeks to show that there is beauty in this technological complexity that previous generations could’nt suspect.

How do you package your sculptures?

Each sculpture has a cardboard packaging that protects it. It’s best if you can pick it up at the workshop.

On the other hand, if you must use a carrier, I have to add a wooden fly-case with handles at a cost ranging from 100 to 200 euros depending on the size of the piece.

For small items under 30 kg it is possible to ship via the French Post service using a double shockproof cardboard packaging.

How are components assembled?

Cybertrash technique uses adhesive bonding. I use neoprene glue and wood glue. My sculptures are very tough. They are often internally reinforced with metal to avoid distortion over time. They are the antiques of the future. They are designed to last through time.

This is an important concern for me because Cybertrash is also a work of electronic memory that will make perfect sense in the future. It is therefore important to me to achieve a solid build …

Will the components corrode over time?

The components are generally rot-proof. They are often made of ceramic, silica, aluminum or stainless alloys.

When using copper, I take care to apply three layers of UV varnish on the parts in contact with air.

The components that could prove too fragile, oxidized, with a risk of corrosion or harmful aging are not retained during the dismantling of machines and are therefore excluded from the beginning.

Are your designs unique pieces?

Most of the sculptures are unique pieces entirely different from each other in format, shape or overall color.

By the way, it is very difficult to make twice the same piece as the materials that I can source are often available in limited quantities.

However there are some pieces such as camera- or phone totems which differ only by the objects they are composed of. They have nearly the same shape and size, only the assembled devices are different.