Message de Danielle Freyss (201027)

Dear friends,


Jean-Pierre’s collection will be sold at the Hôtel Drouot. A first sale will take place on Tuesday October 27; the date of the second is not yet fixed.


The exhibition which will precede the auction, Saturday and Monday, will be the first and only opportunity to see assembled 352 works in the midst of which JP had chosen to live in Cannes, Congis and Paris. Before the auctioneer’s hammer disperses them forever, one by one …


It is the fruit of our common choices and the witness of fourteen years of an insatiable quest which was also the occasion of our warm meetings, from living room to contemporary art fair, with the creators. This event will be Jean-Pierre’s last presence in the world … that of Art!


I cannot yet adopt the courteous idea that all these pieces are going to be chosen for the pleasure of other collectors. But the links that had been forged with many of you enabled me to contribute to the development of the catalog which will be a summary, a precious trace of this fascinating adventure. Thank you very much for your help which enabled me to fulfill my last mission.


The catalog of the first sale has just been put online on the site of the auctioneer Me Pescheteau-Badin.

I look forward to seeing you again, probably a little less often than in the past, but I’ll be back on the road.